And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

I'm Just a fan of ...Trail Of Dead

This site is just some info cobbled together from a few sources around the web.

It all started for me like this...

In the year 2000, I was a freelance website designer working in Kensington, West London for a company called Foresight. A dark-haired man called Richard, who regularly wore a black leather biker jacket sat next to me. We became work friends.

For some reason, he seemed to have a lot of new music and promos. He lent me 2 CDs, Parachutes by Coldplay and Mistakes and Regrets by ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. I put these in my Technics portable CD player and went to lunch, the sun was shining. These two CDs could not have been more different.

Parachutes had an obvious hit with 'Yellow', but 'Don't Panic' was much better, the rest I forget, but it was fairly obvious that Coldplay would become quite big (how big, Who knew!). But Mistakes and Regrets totally blew my mind, I loved it. I was 28 and I had seen the future. A few days later, Trail of dead were going to be appearing/playing at the Barfly in Camden Town, London on the 21st August, so off we went. The Barfly is/was a tiny venue, I stood by the bar, but near the back of the gig and could almost touch the band. There was so much noise, energy and anticipation in the room. Some bands are better live, lots are worse. Trail of Dead were fantastic, the best thing I had seen in ages. It was summer and it was hot, my beer was cold. The place was full. The songs were great, the band moved around the set swapping jobs, amazing.

So, I decided to buy a domain name and find some info on the web that might be of some use to your average Trail of Dead fan. Hopefully, this site will make it easy to find the stuff you are looking for. Who knows how many hours I have spent on this site, none of them have been wasted.

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This Site

This site is a simple UK '...And you will know us by the Trail of Dead' fan site and resource. We have discography, songs, tour dates, lyrics, guitar & bass tabs, music videos, stuff to buy, useful links, free music downloads, pictures etc. all within a few sections that may interest you.

Trail of Dead Music:
Album, single, EP and Soundtrack information, including track listings, lyrics and links to places you can get the songs, be it in Traditional Long Playing Vinyl, futuristic Compact Disc, or even this crazy thing called an MP3.

Free Live music downloads:
We have just added a new FREE LIVE MUSIC section to our Music category, where you can download legal live recordings of various Trail of dead gigs from the past few years. Raw, high or low-quality versions are available for every type of listener.

All the Official Trail of Dead videos in one place, all loving supplied by YouTube.

Live Tour Dates:
A list of upcoming Trail of Dead tour dates, and soon an archive of past dates too!

Trail of Dead Pictures:
We have some nice gig shots, taken by Richard Parsons (BlackPixel).
Richard is the resident in-house photographer of the Camden Electric Ballroom.
You can also get limited edition prints of these shots, just click here to submit a request.

The Band:
Band members present and past with a few easy links to their various web presences.

Fine Art Prints:
A few pictures of gig posters that are more than the usual fare.

A page full of places where you can find out more info about the band, including; websites, books, clothing, music, posters, memorabilia and the like.
These links are all pretty good, so have a look.

Official Trail of Dead Links