Festival Thyme – 2008

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The Bells Of Creation (Machete Mix)

I was standing on the shore, facing an open sea
I was listening to the sound of the waves breaking
And I thought of all the words that they were whispering
And it kept changing

I was standing in the midst of a great company
Listening to the voices in ecstasy
And I watched as all creation was sung into being
And it kept changing
And it was changing

And all at once I caught a pulse and felt a rhythm
And I thought of the song of the ages
Then the balance slipped and opened up the season
And I felt like raging

I was staring at the clouds, the rain began to fall softly
Filling up the rivers in Texas
And I thought of you and maybe you once thought of me
We were changing
And we kept changing

And all at once I saw a hole into the future
And I thought of the bells of creation
I heard the voice of God coming in the music
And I felt like Satan
and I felt like Satan

We were standing on the shore, facing an open sea
Listening to the sound of the waves breaking
And I turned to you and said we should never leave
We were changing

Inland Sea

Stay calm, stay calm
Relax your limbs gently float to earth
Hear the laughing of the Inland Sea
And know your mind is where you're meant to be

Wake up, wake up
Remind yourself exactly who you were
Is the price you've paid to live this little dream
Worth the pain you've been suffering?
The only way out is to go up

Take up your arms
Prepare yourself to face the whole world
Don't ask your friends for faith or company
They're none of them who they pretend to be

Festival Thyme

well it turned out rain
festival thyme
shagging again in this bed next to me
walked out then
happy and I don't know why
and I caught a refrain of a strained melody
like a pained memory

living on some kind of
looking glass eye
searching for comfort in faces
we never find

now if I had my way
we'd be drunk for the rest of our lives
and where we'd be today
end in strange destinies

lost on this end
of festival thyme
we'd meet again and again
but friends, we'd never be
but friends we'd
never be

searching our conscience for a
voice in the wild
thought it'd be lost here
the rest of our festival times

The Betrayal Of Roger Casement and The Irish Brigade

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